Quebec companies and social economy: the values at the heart of RIVRA

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Did you know that 100% of the cooling appliances recycled by GoRecycle are processed by Quebec companies? Now that’s what we call a local economy!

Social economy: at the heart of the mission of RIVRA businesses, GoRecycle’s recycler partners

Social economy is also at the heart of RIVRA’s mission, as an official partner of GoRecycle, a network of recyclers made up entirely of Quebec businesses.

In fact, corporate social responsibility (CSR) makes perfect sense for the Réseau interrégional de valorisation et de recyclage des appareils ménagers (RIVRA).

This group of social economy enterprises (SEE) manages the recycling operations for over 55,000 household and cooling appliances each year. By doing so, it helps prevent the emission of over 44,000 metric tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. That’s equivalent to the emissions from almost 18,000 cars.

The five social economy enterprises that make up RIVRA offer more vulnerable groups social integration into the labour market within their respective communities. These adapted enterprises are:

Groupe Coderr

Groupe Coderr offers integration for people who are isolated and far removed from the job market.

Groupe Coderr’s mission is social integration. Each year, its environmental activities help more than 65 people develop their personal, academic, social and professional interaction skills.

“Giving them the desire to reintegrate into society through work and social involvement: that’s what’s at the heart of our mission.”

— Joël Tremblay, Director of Recovery Operations at Groupe Coderr

Warren Laforest-Cauchon is one of the Groupe Coderr employees who have benefitted from the social integration program. As you can see in this video, he was able to regain autonomy through his professional journey:


Groupe Aptas

The mission of Groupe Aptas, located in Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce, is to create jobs for people living with limitations, offering them an opportunity for professional fulfillment.

This Quebec-based business stands out by its personalized, customer-focused approach and its vocation to create jobs for people living with functional limitations. In fact, 60% of Groupe Aptas employees live with functional limitations.

“We are proud to make a living and to prove that we, people with limitations, are capable of doing excellent work too.”

— Michel Leclerc has been with Groupe Aptas for 40 years.

Watch this video to hear about Michel Leclerc’s experience, who has been with Groupe Aptas for 40 years.


Défi Polyteck

Défi Polyteck offers an internship and training environment for young adults with limitations. This Quebec-based business takes in over fifty students and trainees who are far removed from the job market, allowing them to develop their skills as workers and to eventually enter the job market.

Défi Polyteck is also a major player in Quebec in the recovery of cooling appliances and integrates the principles of circular economy by implementing a number of different actions.

“I have a physical problem that requires me to alternate between standing and sitting. This job is perfect for me, because it’s adapted to my limitation.”

— Sabrina Tardif, Défi Polyteck employee

Sabrina Tardif’s testimonial reflects the positive impact of working for Défi Polyteck.


Option Métal Recyclé

Option Métal Recyclé is a Quebec-based solidarity co-op and social economy enterprise. It promotes the professional integration of people with employability difficulties who are not eligible for integration programs.

This business, based in the Québec area, contributes to environmental preservation by recovering, reclaiming and reselling various metals, halocarbons and electronic and computer equipment.


Recyclo-Centre is a social economy enterprise and a leader in the recycling and reclamation of goods in the Sorel-Tracy region. Recyclo-Centre’s mission is to train and prepare adults aged 18 to 44 for employment through the development of the skills and aptitudes essential to a successful integration into the job market. Each year, 40 Sorel-Tracy residents benefit from this support.

Olivier and Marie-Odile’s testimonials demonstrate the importance of the employment integration program.


As you can see, the RIVRA group and its five social economy enterprises are committed to the social and professional integration of the most vulnerable groups of workers, while having a significant impact within their respective communities.

By entrusting GoRecycle to recycle your cooling appliances at one of its 300 drop-off points across Quebec, you also contribute to creating a positive impact among local communities and the most vulnerable groups of workers. Just one more good reason to recycle properly. Ready, set, GoRecycle!

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