How to get rid of an old fridge

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Did you know that approximately 300,000 appliances are left by the side of the road each year in Quebec? These appliances are not recycled responsibly, and each one generates an average of 1 tonne of GHGs in the environment, equivalent to more than 100,000 extra cars on Quebec roads every year.

Leaving an old fridge or air conditioner by the side of the road is something from another era, like refusing to wear a seatbelt or smoking in a restaurant . . .” La Presse

What are the best ways of ensuring responsible appliance disposal? Here are three practical tips for getting rid of your old fridge in an eco-friendly way.

1. Repair your used fridge

Before getting rid of your old fridge, ask yourself this: can it be repaired? By extending the useful life of your fridge, you avoid using the raw materials needed to manufacture a new appliance. You have two possible repair options:

Find a refrigerator repair service near you

There are a number of fridge repair services in Quebec that can help you decide whether your refrigerator can be repaired, and how much it will cost.

To find professional help for your refrigerator repair, we recommend checking out the Protégez-Vous interactive map of appliance repairers, which identifies 720 tested appliance repairers.

You can also:

  • Do a search on Google Maps to find the best fridge repairers near you, while paying special attention to reviews
  • Ask a family member or friend to refer you to a trusted repairer

Repair your refrigerator yourself

If you want to repair your refrigerator yourself, you can order several appliance parts in store or online.

This is a preferred approach for simple repairs, such as changing a seal, a broken shelf or a burnt lightbulb.

In any case, it’s important that DIY repairs avoid contact with the ducts or cooling system of the refrigerator because the ducts contain halocarbons. If your fridge no longer cools, you need the help of a refrigeration repair professional.

We recommend following the manufacturer’s user guide. A list of locations where you can do your own repairs and have access to tools and expertise is also available on the Protégez-Vous interactive map of appliance repairers.

2. Sell or give away your used fridge

You’ve finally decided to change your old fridge. How do you go about getting rid of your old refrigerator responsibly? You’ve got two options:

Sell your used refrigerator

Several online classified ad sites exist to sell your old fridge. It’s a good way to ensure your appliance pickup free of charge by an individual, and to make a bit of money. Several users search for “used ridge for sale” on classified ad sites, hoping to find a rare gem.

The most popular classified ad sites in Quebec are:

Give away your old fridge

A good way of getting rid of your old fridge that still works is to pass it on. You’ll make someone else happy and you’ll get rid of your fridge quickly, while being environmentally friendly.

You have two options:

  • Donate it to a family member, co-worker, friend or acquaintance
  • Contact a donation centre to arrange a fridge pickup or bring it in yourself

3. Recycle your refrigerator

Has your fridge reached the point where nobody wants it? Giving it to GoRecycle so that it can be properly recycled is one of the best ways of fighting climate change. There are two ways to do the right thing:

Find a nearby ecocentre, recycling centre or sorting centre

Over 260 drop-off points (including ecocentres, recycling centres and sorting centres) exist in Quebec to ensure that your refrigerator is recycled responsibly.

The refrigerator recycling service is free. Simply check out GoRecycle’s drop-off point locator to find the location nearest you, and bring in your old fridge. Make sure that to check that:

  • You’re a citizen of the municipality being served
  • You haven’t reached your maximum number of annual visits
  • You go during business hours

Free pickup and recycling of your used fridges when you buy a new one

Decided to buy a new refrigerator? Over 90 retailers offer free removal and recycling of your old refrigerator with the purchase of a new one.

Check out the list of retailers that partner with GoRecycle to offer free pickup service with purchase before you shop for your next appliance. This ensures that your old appliance will be responsibly recycled.

To conclude

Has your fridge reached the point where nobody wants it? Giving it to GoRecycle so that it can be properly recycled is one of the best ways of fighting climate change. There are two ways to do the right thing:

About GoRecycle

GoRecycle is the only organization recognized by RECYC-QUÉBEC that ensures the responsible recycling of cooling appliances in Quebec. We recycle refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, wine coolers, dehumidifiers and water coolers through over 260 drop-off points in Quebec, and over 90 participating pickup partners with the purchase of a new fridge. GoRecycle is a non-profit organization (NPO).