Buy used

When the time comes to change your cooling appliance, think about checking the online classified ads before opting for a new appliance. These sites generally offer a wide range of products.

That way, you give your appliance a second life and avoid the manufacturing of a new one.

Sell it

Even if it no longer meets your needs, your appliance could make someone else happy. GoRecycle encourages you to sell your working appliance.

Donate it

Numerous reuse organizations accept household appliances and give them a second life. Your donation will help finance their activities and support the social economy in your region.

Do you know
the 4R principle?

Reuse is part of the 4R principle,
which proposes four ways to reduce waste
and conserve our resources.

Is it really the end of the road
for your appliance?

Find out how to recycle it legally and responsibly

Bring it to one of our dropoff locations

Ensure that your appliance will be recycled legally and responsibly by bringing it to one of GoRecycle’s 260 official drop-off locations.

Find a drop-off location

Hand over to a retailer when you buy a new one

Most retailers collaborate with GoRecycle to remove and recycle your old refrigerator or freezer free of charge when you buy a new one.

Check out the list of retailers