GoReuse program

One life is good… a second life is even better!

The GoReuse program is designed to support organizations and companies that reuse used household appliances and are committed to:

  • Checking the working order of appliances
  • Ensuring the appliance has not been recalled
  • Having the qualifications to carry out repairs (if they do so)
  • Offering the legal warranties applicable to reused appliances

Why choose a GoReuse partner when buying a used appliance?


To extend the appliance’s lifespan


To protect the environment


To save money

Find a used appliance

How to get rid of a working appliance?

Give it away

Even though it no longer meets your needs, your appliance could make someone else’s day.

Consider giving it to a friend or family member!

Donate it

Many reuse organizations take back household appliances to give them a second life.

Your donation will help fund their activities and support the social economy in your region.

Sell it

GoRecycle encourages you to resell your functional appliance to a private individual. Classified ad sites can help you give your appliance a second life.

Do you know
the 4R principle?

Reuse is part of the 4R principle,
which proposes four ways to reduce waste
and conserve our resources.