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Bring it to one of our dropoff locations

Ensure that your appliance will be recycled legally and responsibly by bringing it to one of GoRecycle’s 260 official drop-off locations.

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Hand over to a retailer when you buy a new one

Most retailers collaborate with GoRecycle to remove and recycle your old refrigerator or freezer free of charge when you buy a new one.

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Why recycle?

Because a refrigeration appliance generates on average one ton of GHG!

If an appliance is not recycled properly, then the gases and hazardous materials it contains are not disposed of correctly… and subsequently released into the environment.

Halocarbons are greenhouse gases with substantial environmental impact that contribute to climate change.

GoRecycle is the only organization recognized by RECYC-QUÉBEC to manage the recycling of these appliances.

Environmental impact

In Quebec, we estimate that over 300,000 appliances per year are recycled without properly disposing of hazardous materials.

300,000 appliances

Is the equivalent in emissions of
+100,000 cars on the road

How is your
appliance recycled?

Easily accessible parts are removed manually.
Refrigerant gases, oils, the compressor and pipes are removed.
The appliance is sent to a vacuum machine where it is crushed. At this stage, the gases contained in the insulating foam are collected.
The result?
of materials from the appliance are recovered.
The oils, the refrigerant gases, the compressor and pipes are removed.
The device is manually dismantled to remove the components and separate the materials.
The result?
of materials from the appliance are recovered.

What Do We Recycle?

GoRecycle is here to ensure these types of household
cooling appliances are recycled responsibly:



Wine cellars and coolers

Water dispensers

Portable or windows air conditioners


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