List of repairers

Elexpertise offers you a directory of certified household appliance repairers in Quebec.

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Looking for parts?

The company RépareTonFrigo recycles and sells replacement parts for refrigerators.

Buying a recycled refrigerator part at PureSphera’s online shop promotes the local economy, helps reduce your carbon footprint and allows you to participate in the circular economy.

*French only


Is it really the end of the road
for your appliance?

Find out how to recycle it legally and responsibly

Bring it to one of our dropoff locations

Ensure that your appliance will be recycled legally and responsibly by bringing it to one of GoRecycle’s 260 official drop-off locations.

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Hand over to a retailer when you buy a new one

Most retailers collaborate with GoRecycle to remove and recycle your old refrigerator or freezer free of charge when you buy a new one.

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