How it works

When you buy a new refrigerator:


Ask your retailer

for the removal and recycling service.


Prepare your appliance

according to the retailer’s instructions.

Here are a few tips:

  • Unplug it
  • Be sure that it’s empty and clean
  • Remove it from its location of use*

*This service is free when the appliance is already placed outside. If you require a turnkey service, some retailers may charge a fee to move the appliance out of your residence.


That’s it!

Once your new fridge is delivered, you will be rid of your old one.

Your appliance will then be:

  • Collected by a GoRecycle carrier
  • Transported to PureSphera in Bécancour
  • Recycled here in Quebec, with over 95% of the materials recovered

Why recycle?

Every refrigerator or freezer handled by GoRecycle prevents the disposal of more than a tonne of greenhouse gases (GHGs).

Want to know more?

The importance of proper recycling

Retailers across the province

Here is the list of retailers that offer the removal and recycling service with the purchase of a new appliance:


Accent Meubles



Ameublement Denis

Ameublement du Port


Ameublement Jeanne

Ameublement Machabée

Ameublement Riquier

Ameublements Tanguay


Appareils ménagers Robert Leduc


Avivia mobilier décor

Barbeau & Garceau

Berthelot Entreprise Électrique

Accent Meubles

La Tuque



Thetford Mines











La Sarre

Not switching to a new refrigerator?

We have a network of more than 300 drop-off locations across the province.

Find a drop-off location

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service free?

The appliance removal service with purchase is offered free of charge for appliances left outside your residence at the time of new appliance delivery. Some retailers may offer, for a fee, a complementary handling service for removing the appliance from your home, depending on your needs. This service is optional, and charges are at the retailers’ discretion.

Make sure you request the curbside removal service for your old appliance at the time of purchase! Given the large size of some appliances, it may not always be possible for delivery drivers to pick up an appliance that was not on their schedule.

Do all retailers offer this service?

Most participating stores will take back your old refrigerators and freezers when you buy a new one. You can find a list of participating stores above.

For which appliances is this service available?

This specific curbside removal and recycling service is offered for refrigerators and freezers.

Where do our old appliances go when they are removed by retailers?

Once picked up by our retail partners, your old appliances are sent to PureSphera in Bécancour, where they are recycled right here in Quebec. This recycling process reclaims over 95% of the materials, helping to reduce waste and protect the environment.

If the appliances are still in good condition, they are sent to the GoRecycle reuse program. This allows them to be resold by partners specializing in second-hand appliances, or handed over to charitable organizations. This initiative offers a second life to appliances, which is key in the fight against climate change; by promoting the reuse of products, we avoid the production of new material.