GoRecycle invites environmentally minded partners and organizations to engage in reusability.

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GoRecycle is pleased to announce the launch of its partner onboarding phase for the upcoming Quebec-wide appliance reuse program, scheduled for release next spring. This initiative aligns with the goals of Quebec Waste Reduction Week 2023, which promotes the environmental benefits of reusing household appliances while encouraging responsible consumption and waste reduction.

With this new program, GoRecycle aims to reduce waste by giving a second life to household appliances.

« GoRecycle has always championed the principles of reusing, donating, and repairing appliances. Today, we take a significant leap forward by enlisting new official partners for our program. Our aim is to extend the lifespan of more household items across the province. To achieve this, we will equip non-profit organizations and businesses involved in the resale and donation of appliances with new tools and greater visibility,”

Jules Foisy Lapointe, General Manager of GoRecycle.

With this program, GoRecycle strengthens its environmental and societal vision, offering citizens more sustainable solutions. In line with the circular economy, GoRecycle is dedicated to fighting climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and preserving natural resources.

GoRecycle is looking for partners!

The success of this program hinges on GoRecycle’s capacity to foster enduring partnerships among its members, municipalities, MRCs, non-profit organizations, and recycling-focused businesses. To expand its network throughout Quebec, GoRecycle invites all to help identify potential collaborators for the program’s future.

Organizations interested in joining the movement can contact GoRecycle at [email protected].

About GoRecycle
GoRecycle is the only legal organization recognized by RECYC-QUÉBEC ensuring the recycling of domestic cooling and air-conditioning appliances. It represents retailers, distributors, and manufacturers who have banded together in order to promote the recycling of household appliances in Quebec. GoRecycle finances and manages the recycling activities of these appliances. Its mission is to oversee the recycling practices of cooling and air-conditioning appliances by implementing programs that are effective, environmentally responsible, and provide compliance solutions to the industry.