GoRecycle puts an end to the era of abandoned cooling appliances on the street

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The organization calls for collective awareness!

Montreal, April 26, 2023 – Now in its second year of existence, GoRecycle encourages citizens to take one of the biggest measures in the fight against climate change: recycle their cooling and air-conditioning appliances properly and responsibly by adopting GoRecycle’s solutions.

A Necessary Social Awakening Across Quebec!

Over the years, our actions have evolved and many seemingly innocuous daily gestures, such as the use of disposable bags or plastic straws, are being challenged and rectified, if not completely eliminated from our habits, because of their harmful consequences on the environment.

This year, GoRecycle wishes to raise awareness among Quebecers, spreading the message that leaving their refrigerator on the curb should now be considered an outdated practice that belongs in the past.

It is indeed one of the most harmful practices for the environment since, when disposed of in this way, the appliance will be recycled without proper treatment, generating an average of 1 ton of GHG into the atmosphere. It is therefore essential to teach citizens the best practices when it comes to recycling.

“When you entrust a cooling appliance to GoRecycle, we ensure that its materials are recycled endlessly. We are able to reuse more than 95% of them! This cycle is broken when an appliance is abandoned on the street and recycled outside of the GoRecycle system. Doing the right thing allows us to reduce waste by repurposing existing materials rather than producing new ones.” adds Jules Foisy Lapointe, GoRecycle’s General Manager.

The GoRecycle Movement Is Growing

Since its creation two years ago, the GoRecycle organization has experienced undeniable success across Quebec. The initiative has helped recycle more than 200,000 appliances and prevented the emission of over 220,000 tons of GHGs, which is the equivalent of a full A380 airbus flying around the globe 79 times.

These figures prove that awareness and the adoption of better practices have a real impact on the climate crisis. These results are possible thanks to the collaboration between citizens, retailers, manufacturers, and municipalities, whom all understand the importance of taking responsible actions towards protecting the environment.

What About Discarded Appliances Outside the GoRecycle Program?

Although the GoRecycle program is the only legal and responsible solution, some citizens continue to abandon their used appliances on the side of the road. These appliances are then, in most cases, processed by unlicensed metal recyclers who do not have the technology to recover the gases and other harmful materials.

“Annually, approximately 300,000 appliances are recycled improperly in Quebec, which is equivalent in emissions to 100,000 more cars on the road. We must overturn this practice and make people conscious of the impact of their actions, as well as the solutions available to them,” adds Jules Foisy Lapointe.

Solutions That Have a Major Impact on the Environment

Collaborating with more than 90 banners, GoRecycle offers removal and recycling services with the purchase of a new refrigerator or freezer. These free services make it possible to dispose of bulky appliances effortlessly with the guarantee of proper recycling. The organization also offers citizens more than 260 official drop-off points throughout Quebec where they can dispose of their cooling appliances at no cost. GoRecycle also promotes the reuse, repair, resale, and purchase of used appliances as well as donations, all of which are ways to minimize waste. All of these solutions are in line with the organization’s mission.

GoRecycle encourages the involvement of the population and invites every Quebecer to participate in this social awakening, which will have a real impact on the planet.