A move that’s mindful of the planet

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Since our inception in 2021, our team has grown considerably, and we must now relocate to new offices that can accommodate all our precious team members!

That means that this summer, like many others, GoRecycle will be moving. As an environmental NPO, we were keen to find ways to minimize our carbon footprint while relocating.

Small gestures that make a big impact

In order to reduce waste as much as possible, we’ve taken a number of steps that are easy to implement and have a real impact. Who knows, perhaps we’ll inspire you to do the same 🙃

Construction site


In the creation of our new space, we reused glass and various construction materials. We had our kitchen counters made from recycled ash trees from Montréal; trees that were unfortunately cut down to prevent emerald ash borer.

Limiting energy consumption

To limit our need for air conditioning during the hot summer months, we equipped all the windows in our new offices with solar shades.

To reduce energy consumption, we replaced all fluorescent lighting with LED lighting.

Did you know that an LED light bulb uses approximately 50% less energy than a fluorescent one to produce the same amount of light?*



As much as possible, we kept the furniture from our current offices and moved it to our new location.

We donated furniture that was no longer suitable to the Centre de services scolaire Marie-Victorin eand to organizations that resell used furniture. The pieces that could not be donated were recycled through MultiRecycle, a company that collects orphaned material for businesses.

Many of our appliances come from our partners at GoReuse, a network of qualified partners offering quality second-hand appliances.

These partners are committed to offering a legal warranty on appliances, having the qualifications required to carry out impeccable repairs and consulting the history of appliances to detect whether they have been recalled. To find a partner, click here.


Most of the furniture we added to our new offices comes from Réseau B, a company focused on circular economy by remanufacturing and upgrading furniture.

By choosing this option, we were able to update our workspace while significantly reducing our environmental impact.

Continuous efforts

Our goal was to have an impact each and every day in the new building that houses our offices. That’s why we set up a waste sorting centre with bins from our collaborators Call2Recycle and Consignaction. ♻️


As you can see, there is no shortage of opportunities to limit your environmental impact when moving! We hope our initiatives inspire you to make efforts of your own during your next move. 🚚

If you no longer need your fridge, freezer, air conditioner or wine cooler, be sure to bring it to one of our drop-off points.


*Source : Hydro Québec