At GoRecycle, even our shootings are green!

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Is it possible to produce an eco-responsible advertising shoot? The answer is YES! We took up the challenge by obtaining the “Rolling green” certification for our latest shooting.

What is “Rolling green”?

It goes without saying that audiovisual productions have a considerable environmental impact, whether in terms of energy consumption, waste generation or greenhouse gas emissions.

The “Rolling green” accreditation program was developed to promote and encourage eco-responsible practices during filming. To obtain the “commitment” level of the certification, all you have to do is implement 12 environmental actions during the shooting.

Let’s go, we roll green!

As an environmental non-profit organization, it was only natural for us to work with our communications agency (Canidé) and our production agency (Alt Productions) to obtain this accreditation, and the challenge was met!

1. Optimized transportation

According to the Quebec government, road transportation accounts for 34% of greenhouse gas emissions, so it was with this in mind that we orchestrated the travel arrangements for the shooting:

  • We chose filming locations close to our offices and all within the same perimeter.
  • We preferred carpooling and public transportation for our trips.
  • We optimized the shooting so that it took place in one single day.
  • We have set up a shuttle system to optimize travel between shooting locations.

2. Eco-friendly filming equipment

For an eco-friendly shooting, sometimes you have to be clever and look to adopt used equipment rather than opt for new. With this in mind, we have:

  • Shot in existing locations to avoid building new filming sets.
  • Prioritized used props.
  • Dressed our actors in their own clothes or in second-hand items.
  • Used LED lighting and electrical hook-up more often than a generator.

3. Waste management

By all means, waste management is paramount:

  • Everyone brought their own reusable water bottle.
  • No disposable crockery was used.
  • Recycling bags and containers for food composting were on site.

4. A sustainable menu

To make sure we were green right down to the plate, we have:

  • Collaborated with local, eco-responsible caterers who use compostable materials.
  • Offered vegetarian options.
  • Cooperated with a local restaurant to limit waste production by using only reusable crockery for dinner.

Good support is the key to success!

We are fortunate to be able to count on committed partners to help us go further in our mission to combat waste and climate change.

Canidé, our marketing communications agency, is B-corp certified. B-corp certification is a unique designation indicating that a company meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

For its part, Alt Productions has LEED Platinum-certified offices, an accreditation that supports the reduction of carbon emissions, water saving, energy conservation and waste reduction. In addition, its team members are undergoing a training (Inis 2023) to implement green film sets.