Press review: Reducing the environmental impact of moves

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July 1st is a major moving day in Quebec, often synonymous with an exciting time when many households change homes! 12% of all moves take place on this symbolic day ! But did you know that this is also a crucial time to recycle refrigeration and air-conditioning appliances? We estimate that over 300,000 appliances are abandoned on the sidewalk every year . It’s an alarming figure that requires special attention.


“It’s very harmful to leave your appliance on the curb. The massive abandonment of refrigerators and air conditioners on sidewalks is a threat to our planet. GoRecycle is committed to ensuring responsible recycling of refrigerators and air conditioners throughout Quebec.”  QUB Radio.


That is why we took part in a media outreach aimed at raising public awareness of the best recycling practices. Our General Manager, Jules Foisy Lapointe, undertook several interviews in various Quebec media to remind people of the best practices and raise awareness of the environmental damage caused by the irresponsible abandonment of these appliances.

We are proud to report that our outreach generated excellent results:

  • Over 47,000,000 media coverage
  • 55 media mentions, articles and interviews
  • 15 interviews given by Jules Foisy Lapointe
  • 3 reprints of the open letter signed by Jules Foisy Lapointe

GoRecycle’s commitment has been highly appreciated by the media, and here’s an overview of the various mentions and interviews that have been conducted.


This article in Le Journal de Montréal, entitled Moving: recycling well to take the equivalent of 100,000 cars off the road, highlights the importance of proper recycling when moving, and emphasizes GoRecycle’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact.

“When you return a refrigerator, it’s the equivalent of 600,000 people turning down plastic straws. When you take three refrigerators off a street corner, that’s the equivalent of a vehicle being taken off the roads of Quebec.”  said GoRecycle’s General Manager.

Jules Foisy Lapointe was also a guest on ICI Première’s Dessine moi un matin, where he spoke with Catherine Perrin about the challenges of recycling refrigeration and air-conditioning appliances.

Another ICI Première appearance was in the 15-18, where Jules spoke with Annie Desrochers to share some practical tips for recycling old fridges and avoiding the GHG emissions associated with improper recycling of refrigeration and air-conditioning appliances.

As for English television, GoRecyle was featured on Global News Morning, hosted by Laura Cassela, with a TV segment and web article highlighting the undeniable need for proper recycling of refrigeration and air-conditioning appliances.

Jules Foisy Lapointe also met with journalist Élisa Serret at a South Shore ecocenter, to take part in a report that was broadcast on Téléjournal and RDI highlighting GoRecycle’s commitment to promoting responsible practices.

Ultimately, Valérie Boisclair wrote a hard-hitting article on the ICI Radio-Canada website, reminding readers of the harmful consequences of leaving refrigerators on the street. She stresses the importance of using recycling services such as those offered by GoRecycle.


“Most refrigeration appliances and systems contain halocarbons, gases that destroy the ozone layer when released into the atmosphere and contribute to climate change. It’s important to know that the gases contained in these appliances are odorless; they’re also invisible, so when they’re released, no one can see it.”  Jules Foisy Lapointe, General Manager of GoRecycle.

La Presse, Météo Média, the Journal de Québec, ICI Première through the show Les années lumières, QUB Radio, TVA Nouvelles, and many others have also covered the topic.

We’ll continue to promote responsible recycling and provide practical solutions to ensure that end-of-life refrigeration and air-conditioning appliances are recycled properly, preventing the pollution of our environment.

Together, we can make a significant difference to the environment during moves and beyond.