5 ways to give your old fridge a DIY makeover

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Is your old fridge still functional, but after kitchen renovations or a move, it no longer matches your decor? Instead of getting rid of it, consider transforming it yourself (DIY) to adapt it to your new kitchen design! Reusing your fridge is far easier than you might think.

Why reuse your fridge?

Buying a new fridge can be very costly, depending on the model you choose (double doors, etc.). Considering that a fridge has an average lifespan of 10 to 21 years, it can be of great value to prolong its service life as long as possible while ensuring that it matches your kitchen decor.

A fridge that is not recycled responsibly emits an average of 1 tonne of greenhouse gases. Reusing it is not only a budget-friendly solution, but also a highly ecological one!

There are many budget-friendly options for giving your old functional fridge a facelift. Here are a few ideas for DIY projects you can do at home for a unique and trendy result.

5 DIY fridge makeover ideas and inspiration

No matter your kitchen style or colour preference, there are several ways to transform the look of your old fridge. Here are five ideas for DIY fridge transformations.

1. Paint your old fridge

Paint is a simple and affordable way to customize the look of your fridge. Whether you want a retro look or a minimalist twist, or simply want a fridge colour change to match your kitchen, fridge paint is a highly accessible option.

How to paint a fridge

Painting a fridge generally follows the same steps and techniques as painting indoor residential walls. Read through these detailed instructions before diving into this project.


We’ve added some inspiration of repainted fridges to give you ideas for your DIY project. Whether you want a modern, contemporary, industrial, retro, colourful or minimalist look, anything is possible!

Photo Credit: A Home With Ashley

Photo Credit: A piece of Rainbow

2. Change up refrigerator handles

Consider a fridge handle upgrade for a seamless look. For a trendy finish, choose handles similar to your kitchen cabinet handles.

Pinterest ideas often involve using bathroom towel racks as handles. We recommend taking exact measurements before purchasing the model of your choice.

Photo Credit: A piece of Rainbow

Photo Credit: A piece of Rainbow

Photo Credit: The Kitchn

3. Use fridge wrap or stickers

Give your fridge a new look using vinyl refrigerator wrap or stickers. This option is reversible and easy to use. Simply clean the fridge surface and apply fridge wrap with precision.

Inspiration for fridges with vinyl stickers

Many online stores such as Etsy offer fridge stickers in various designs, so you can choose the one that best matches your style and decor. Whether you prefer a boho, floral, or minimalist style, patterns or a solid colour, you’re sure to find the one that suits your taste.

4. Turn your fridge into a giant blackboard

Why not turn your old fridge into a giant blackboard? This option might be right for you if:

  • You have children
  • You like to plan out your weekly menu
  • You’re artsy and want the freedom to change up your fridge design according to your taste
  • You like to leave sweet notes or thoughts for your loved ones in the morning


The concept is straightforward: simply purchase a blackboard-style vinyl sticker, apply it to your fridge, and purchase chalk in your preferred colours. You can even replicate the look of iconic fridge brands in chalkboard form for a retro chic feel. Get inspired by the models below!

Photo Credit: Home Hacks

Photo Credit: Keep Smilling Home

Photo Credit: Inspiration Pinterest

5. Hide your fridge behind panels

Want to hide your old appliance behind kitchen cabinets for a minimalist and modern look? Purchase prefabricated panels or call upon an expert to create custom kitchen cabinets.

This option requires a bit more renovation expertise, but you get a visually appealing, modern and integrated fridge that blends seamlessly into your interior decor.



As you can see, there’s no need to buy a new fridge for it to match your kitchen. There are many creative and affordable solutions for giving your old fridge a new look.

In an upcoming article in this series, we will present options for reusing a non-functional fridge. Happy DIYing!

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